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The most underrated Formula 1 driver of all time is hotly debated, however, some drivers who are often considered underrated include Mark Webber, Jean Alesi, and Stefan Johansson.

Mark Webber, who retired from F1 in 2013, was often regarded as one of the quickest drivers on the grid, but he was unlucky to have driven in the era of dominant teams such as Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. He won 9 races and had 42 podium finishes, but many believe he could have achieved even more if he had been in a better car.
Jean Alesi was a highly-rated driver in the late 1980s and 1990s, but despite his speed and competitiveness, he never won a Formula One World Championship. He drove for several teams during his career, including Ferrari, but the team was often not as competitive as it is today. Alesi is still remembered for his aggressive and entertaining driving style.
Stefan Johansson, who raced in F1 from 1980 to 1991, was considered a talented driver but often drove for smaller teams that did not have the resources to compete with the top teams. Despite this, he managed to secure several podium finishes and was known for his speed and consistency.
These drivers are often considered underrated because they were highly skilled, yet did not receive the recognition they deserved due to factors such as driving for less competitive teams, or being in the shadow of more dominant drivers.

Mark Webber came close to winning the Formula One World Championship several times during his career. His best chance came in 2010, when he finished third in the championship, just five points behind winner and teammate Sebastian Vettel. In 2011, he was again in contention for the championship, but a number of retirements and poor results towards the end of the season prevented him from winning the title.
There are several factors that contributed to Mark Webber not winning the championship during his career. One of the key reasons was the dominance of Red Bull Racing during his time in the sport. Despite being a strong team, the squad was often reliant on the performance of its lead driver, Sebastian Vettel, who went on to win four consecutive championships from 2010 to 2013.
Another factor was the competitiveness of other teams, particularly during the later stages of Webber's career, when Mercedes and Ferrari began to emerge as front-running teams.
Finally, Mark Webber suffered from a number of unfortunate events and retirements during key moments in the championship battle, which cost him valuable points and opportunities to challenge for the title.
Overall, while Mark Webber was a highly competitive and skilled driver, he was unable to win the Formula One World Championship due to a combination of factors such as the dominance of his teammate, the competitiveness of other teams, and bad luck.
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