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Pretty damn Amazing to see Alonso on the podium.

There's a lot of speculation about how when Racing Point (former Aston Martin) copied Mercedes they were the Pink Mercedes. Now with hired folks from RedBull and a design that's similar some are calling them GreenBull.

Still... it takes a guy like Alonso to drive it to the podium.

“It’s a perfect start for this project. We didn’t expect to be that competitive. I think the aim in 2023 was to get in the mix with the midfield, maybe leading that midfield and get close to the top three teams eventually."

“Even a podium maybe was not on the radar in 2023, and we found ourselves with the second best car today in Bahrain, of the whole weekend, just behind Red Bull. This is a little bit of a surprise, but we are extremely proud, happy with the job done at Silverstone in the factory.

“A big congratulations to everyone. Let’s enjoy this moment and build from here hopefully a good 2023 campaign, and get closer and closer to the top guys.”
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