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Australian GP Mega Thread

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It's race week!

Can't wait for another race! Let's see how this one turns out.

While Verstappen is expected to run away with it again.. he hasn't had a good time at Albert Park so far

But one track that has proved to be a kryptonite for Verstappen is the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne. The blockbuster star was unable to finish the Australian Grand Prix when he first raced there in 2015 and went on to finish 10th, fifth and sixth respectively over the next three years.

Verstappen finally secured a podium in 2019 as he finished in third position but then failed to make it to the end of the race once again last year after the Grand Prix was reintroduced to the F1 schedule following the Covid-19 pandemic."

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I just remembered because the race is in Australia that FP1 starts tonight... nice!
I missed FP2... you gotta sleep sometime.

Alonso fastest though... very interesting. You have to think he'll get a win sometime this year.
That was a pretty insane race. I have so many thoughts..

Really sucks for Alpine... Gasly in particular.

Surprising to see Mercedes both have the pace, but also be unreliable.

And... that second red flag was pointless. F1 really needs one of those rules where if there are fewer than two laps left when the safety car is going to come in, they let them go. The red flag stuff is just designed to create carnage... and while it's fun to watch the teams are really just throwing the dice.
1 - 4 of 5 Posts