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Audi's CEO of Formula Racing, Adam Baker says that they plan to be winning races within 3 years of debuting in Formula 1.

Baker said that Audi's game plan in F1 is for its team to be winning races within three years of its entry into the sport.

"We want to be competitive in three years," he said. "It is a realistic goal. We want to compete for wins in the third year."

For now, Audi has no plans to supply its future power unit to other teams in F1, but that could change in the future insists Baker.

"We may be required by the FIA to supply engines according to the regulations," he said.

"If that happens, we would be prepared, for sure. But right now, we are not looking for a client team, it’s too early for that. We will focus on our programme as a factory."

Taking on the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda is no small task for Audi. But Baker says the German manufacturer is well aware of the complexities of the challenges that await it.

"We are aware of the challenge that lies ahead," Baker said. "It is attractive for Audi to enter 2026 because we decided on it ahead of time. We have 42 months until the first race.

"In the last 30 years, it must be one of the most advanced decisions of any manufacturer.

"In addition, in 2026 a regulatory cycle begins, when usually others have entered in the middle of a cycle.

"The power units will change, but also the chassis. In some ways, it can reset the advantage of experienced competitors in the past, and makes it easier for new builders to be competitive.

"Now the long-term work begins, the development of the power unit within the new rules.

"The FIA will continue to work with the teams for the 2026 chassis rules, which may be significantly different, and those I hope will be published in their first version at the end of 2023, perhaps finalised in 2024.

"Then we will start the chassis work, we will align the two things and the tests will begin in 2025 and the competition in 2026."
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