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If the Andretti/Cadillac bid succeeds and they get their F1 team, their engines will be supplied by Alpine.

Cadillac, in partnership with Michael Andretti and Andretti Global, are aiming to enter the FIA Formula One (F1) World Championship racing series as the eleventh team on the grid. If Cadillac’s bid is successful, Renault-owned Alpine says it will supply the new team’s engines.

Per a recent report from Reuters, Alpine Renault chief executive Laurent Rossi confirmed that Alpine would indeed supply the new Cadillac – Andretti team with engines, assuming the team secured its place on the grid.

“We agreed that if they get their license to run in Formula One, then we will provide them with a powertrain,” Rossi told Reuters. “But it’s up to them to show that they can join the Formula One circus and for that they need to go through the hoops, the process in place where they submit applications and they show that they bring value to the F1 circus and teams in general.”

Cadillac and Andretti global announced its new partnership early last month, outlining plans to compete in the top-tier series with an all-American team under the Cadillac brand with at least one U.S. driver on the roster. However, the announcement was met with negative reactions from current F1 teams, with reports indicating that a “strong majority” were against Cadillac and Andretti Global entering the series.
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